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Myanmar Trekking Tours


Trekking tours in Myanmar usually take place in the hill regions in the upper part of the country.

Kalaw to Pindaya

First one has to travel from Yangon to Kalaw. The Myanmar tour operators usually arrange the accommodation. trekking guides for the trips. From Kalaw is the start of the trekking tour. The dwellers of the southeast Shan mountain ranges are the Pao. Palaung and Danu. Trekking trips starts from passing through some PaO. Palaung and Danu Villages. The trip takes about 1 to 1½ hours from one village to another. One can learn and see the way of lives of the different Shan races. The most significant element for tourists to see are the long houses of the tribes where several families stayed together. earning a living from the cultivation of seasonal crops and Say YwatKyi leaves used by the Burmese home made cigar to wrap the cheroot. The journey ends at Pindaya. The trekking trip may take about one day and one night.


Kyaikhtiyo or the Golden Rock of Myanmar is located in Kyaikhto. Mon State. One can travel from Yangon to the base mountain range. which is the main base camp of the journey. It is about 160km from Yangon and the hiking range is 11km from the base camp. The Golden Rock is located on top of the rocky mountain above 3615 feet above sea level. Before. it was a rare place which was very hard to reach. Nowadays. there are many more convenient transportations and Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda can be accessible easily. There are also convenient accommodations for visitors.

Kyaing Tong

Short range strolls around the city and the villages of the Palaung and Eng tribes.

Around Inle

Trekking through the pine trees of the Shan states to Palaung TaunggyiChey village located in the foot of MyinMahti hill 5602 ft. It is about 2 hours walk. One can also visit to Indein villages taking about an hour trek.








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