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Diving in Myanmar is becoming more popular every year. The Mergui Archipelago is visited by liveaboards. The dive sited cover a wide area of ocean and Burma liveaboard tours are typically between 3 and 10 days. The islands of Mergui are beautiful and unspoiled.

The Mergui Archipelago and the remote Burmese Banks are today the "must" for every serious sea lover. Myanmar opened its rich waters to foreigners in 1997, after a closed period of over 50 years. More than 800 islands are scattered on 3600 km2, waiting for exploration. Some of them are inhabited by the sea-gypsies that once were the sole population of the Siam's West Coast, the only people you may see during your trip. A few dive shops operate the Burmese waters. So just imagine: underwater, untouched reefs, no boat engine to tear your ears apart, no curtains of bubbles to obstruct your vision; at the surface, deserted beaches, fishing villages, amazing rock formations. Do not miss this unique opportunity to explore truly non-crowded site. There are many of beautiful dive spot in the archipelago. Among them following spot are our favorite dive sites in this region; s. You'll be cruise a long lost archipelago, one of the last.

Thahtay Kyun Islands (Pulau-Ru) is one of the closet risks, with a large resort and a four stars hotel. For fishing, windsurfing and the best scuba diving under the silvery water of the Andaman Sea. Hopping the speedboats will take down to the scenic virgin islands of St. Lukee. Our live board diving cruise starts and finishes in this town. The new accommodations on the islands are under project and within a few years, we can be able to explore one of the most scenic and virgin islands at the most convenient. The accommodation there is quiet comfortable with 3 star hotel as it is also Myanmar-Thai border trade town. Any choice of Myanmar, Thai and Chinese cuisine is available.

It can visit to the Islands nearby in this archipelago to explore the under water coral garden where nobody had never been. The Islands nearby are the island of Dawei fisherman inhabited for many years known as the Salons or sea Gypsies who sail around the islands. Have been known by various names, such as Orang Basin, Chaunam (Water folk) by Thais and Mae Ken by themselves. The only human inhabitants are the sea gypsies, a nomadic sea-faring race whose lifestyle has changed very little over the years. The ‘sea gypsies’ Salone people still practice the same fishing and boat building techniques as used for generations.








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