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Dawei is an ancient town and still retains the charm and dignity of one. Many of the townspeople are wealthy owners of fishing fleets, but they prefer to remain here rather than move to bigger places like Yangon. In Dawai, they continue to live the gracious, sweetly leisurely life of their forefathers.

The Tanintharyi Divisin lies adjacent to Mon State to the north and Thailand to the east. Tanintharyi Division occupies a long narrow coastal plain bounded by the Andaman Sea in the east, which runs to Kawthaung, the most southerly point of Myanmar and which then continues to the Malaya Peninsula.

The coast is dotted with islands including the Heinze group, the Maung-Magan group and the Mergui or Mergui Archipelago, which comprises more than 800 beautiful and attractive islands.

Dawei is a port of medium importance and tropical seaside town, 384 miles south of Yangon. The Maungmagan beach is now being developed and upgraded is just 8 miles northwest and is famous for delicious seafood. Native speak Myanmar language but with a strong dialect, which is similar to Mergui. The most venerated pagodas are the Shin Motehti Pagoda, a few miles south of the town, Shin Datweh Pagoda in the north and Shin Maw Pagoda on the Dawei promontory. A 243-foot long reclining Buddha image occupies the Lawka Tharaphu Pagoda. In the 18th Century a group of Dawei people known as Inthas or Sons of the Lake, migrated to Inle to avoid the continual conflicts between the Myanmar and Thais. Thus the Inthas were appear in Inle Lake in the southern Shan State. Capital of Tanintharyi Division is the southern most administrative region in the country.


The Myeik archipelago situated on the southern Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as Tennesarim coast of Burma. It is one of the last real smuggling centers in Asia, has an abundance of marine life. Around and on the east Myeik, there are many valuable tin mines, oil palm plantation, and rubber plantation and evergreen forest. On the Andaman Sea, many valuable Pearl breeding and fishing beds can observe in the sea.

Pearl Island is the source of high quality pearls, and fishing is the traditional business along the coastal sea and islands. There are about 804 spotted islands scattered across the blue sea along the Taninthayi coast and the city is on the island in the mouth of Tannintharyi River.

The Mergui Archipelago comprises of over eight hundred tropical islands scattered over an area of some ten thousand square miles, in the Andaman Sea, off the South West coast of Myanmar. It has been closed to foreigners for over 50 years, until 1997.

Due to the area’s isolation, the islands remain as pristine as they have done for the past 100 years. The islands and surrounding seas are alive with amazing diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna. They undoubtedly take their place amongst the world’s greatest and most spectacular wilderness destinations.

The Mergui Archipelago is one of the interesting palace for Eco tourism with the adventure besides cruising and exploring remote tropical islands, offers a combination of other activities. The activities offered include, kayaking sea and mangrove rivers, diving, snorkelling, island trekking, beach combing and much more. The variety of activities makes this cruise suitable for all ages and is especially exciting for children. Naturally you can be as active as you wish.

There is only one choice of guesthouse quiet clean and acceptable for international travelers. Most of the local restaurants serve Chinese foods.


Kawthaung, the southern most town in Myanmar (800 km from Yangon and 2,000 km from the country's most northern tip), formerly known as Victoria Point, is one of the entry ports into Myanmar and is only separated from Thailand by a broad estuary in the Pakchan River. Across the river is the border town of Ranong, Thailand.

Ranong is 120 miles North of Phuket. Visitors from Ranong could take a 30 minutes boat trips to Kawthaung for sightseeing and shopping. There are regular flights from Yangon to Kawthaung. Entry visas, valid for 28 days, and Border Passes are issued at Kawthaung. The main business of Kawthaung is trade with Thailand, fishing, rubber and cashew nuts. Most Kawthaung residents speak Burmese and Thai. Kawthaung's bustling waterfront is lined with teashops, stores and shops arranging boat charters to Thailand for visitors and traders. Duty Free Shops and a few restaurants in the Burmese palace replica building is located in front of the Kawthaung harbor. A huge bronze statue of King Bayintnaung, one of the great Myanmar kings, out-fitted in full battle regalia with brandishing a sword stands at the crest of a hill on the cape. A spectacular sea and island view from a hilltop pagoda known as the Three Mile Pagoda is located in a fishing village five kilometers north of town.

It has developed a population of 700000. Thahtay Kyun Islands (Pulau-Ru) is one of the closet risks, with a large resort and a four stars hotel. For fishing, windsurfing and the best scuba diving under the silvery water of the Andaman Sea. Hopping the speedboats will take down to the scenic virgin islands of St. Lukee. Our live board diving cruise starts and finishes in this town. The new accommodations on the islands are under project and within a few years, we can be able to explore one of the most scenic and virgin islands at the most convenient. The accommodation there is quiet comfortable with 3 star hotel as it is also Myanmar-Thai border trade town. Any choice of Myanmar, Thai and Chinese cuisine is available.

Kawthaung is the city retains the atmosphere as fishing port. Once the British named as Victoria point. So the port lies right on the pointed tip of the tenessarim peninsula. Available to visit a famous palace is Tha Htay Kyun (Boss Island) within 10 Minutes from Kawthaung.

Tha Htay Kyun

Where Andaman Club is located Zadakale (St Luke) Island, across the Andaman sea. Tha Htay Kyun has beaches but it coast is too rocky for swimming. Can visit to the Islands nearby in this archipelago to explore the under water coral garden where nobody had never been. The Islands nearby are the island of Dawei fisherman inhabited for many years known as the Salons or sea Gypsies who sail around the islands. Have been known by various names, such as Orang Basin, Chaunam (Water folk) by Thais and Mae Ken by themselves. The only human inhabitants are the sea gypsies, a nomadic sea-faring race whose lifestyle has changed very little over the years. The ‘sea gypsies’ Salone people still practice the same fishing and boat building techniques as used for generations.







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