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Myanmar Transportation By Train



There are as many opinions of Myanmar's oft-maligned Myanmar train service as there are Myanmar people riding it. For some a Myanmar train ride on narrow-gauged tracks is like going by horse, with the old carriages rocking back and forth and bouncing everyone lucky enough to have a seat on the hard chairs. What's known for sure is that Myanmar train transport trips along the same routes as buses mean extra travel time. If you have plenty of time you want to visit by different types of way, you might enjoy to use by train (railway).

As most Myanmar trains are run by Myanmar government owned, many travelers stick with private Myanmar buses. But see below for details of some privately run services. There are about 2,000 miles of track, but they don't connect with Myanmar railways outside of Myanmar, only with major cities within Myanmar country.


Myanmar Trains have Myanmar Private Railways which is private Myanmar Dagon Mann (DM) and Malihka Mandalar amp; Mehka Mandalar and Myanmma Railways.

Myanmma Railways, one is the best convenient any Foreigners which is now open to foreign tourists with 550 train stations. Although most Myanmar trains are operated by the government-owned Myanmar Railways.

And also another one is a few Myanmar private enterprises have come into existence as well. Between Yangon and Mandalay, the private Myanmar Dagon Mann (DM) runs express trains that are more pleasant than the state-run express Myanmar trains. These express Myanmar trains stop at Thazi. On the Yangon to Mandalay route there are daily and nightly reserved carriages on express Myanmar trains, where you can be sure of getting a seat. The express Myanmar trains are far superior to the general run of Myanmar trains.



Myanmar trains normaly had four classes are ordinary class, first class, upper class and sleepers class. The main differences between ordinary/first and upper is that the seats on Myanmar trains recline. Foreigners aren't convenient to ride in ordinary class and first class on Myanmar trains. The best class is sleeper to be convenient with sleeping cars anything foreign travellers. It was sometime occupied by Myanmar VIPs and foreigners specially the tour group. Some sleeping cars contain five cabins, each with four Berths, a fan, a light and a small table with a washbasin underneath. Older sleeping Myanmar cars are divided into two sections, each with four berths and a toilet and shower room.

Following are sample Myanmar train transport fares and scheduled time as quoted in Yangon.

Up Train No. Departure Arrival
Yangon Bago Pyinmana Thazi Mandalay
11 up  06:00  07:50  14:35  17:52  21:10 
17 up  15:15  17:05  23:45  02:35  05:20 
5 up  17:00  18:50  01:21  12:10  13:00 
15 up  18:30  20:20  02:48  18:10  19:00 
3 up  19:30 21:20  04:08  18:00  19:40 
7 up  21:00  22:50  05:35  18:00  19:40 
9 up  15:30  17:31  02:20  18:00  19:40 


Up Train No. Departure Arrival Arrival
Yangon Bago Pyinmana Thazi Mandalay
 12 down 06:00  09:28  11:20  19:22  21:30 
18 down 
6 down  15:15  18:06  21:04  03:19  05:20 
16 down  17:30  07:30 
4 down  18:30  21:48  01:24  07:55  10:00 
8 down  20:30  23:51  03:58  10:30  12:30 
10 down 


Distance By Rail

Yangon In Miles
46.5  Bago       
98.5  52  Kyaikhtio      
225  178.5   227  Pyinmana    
306  259.5  308.5  81 Thazi    
404  357.5  406.5  179  98  Shwenyaung  
385.5  339 388  169.5  79.5  177.5  Mandalay 


Even on the far more travelled Yangon–Mandalay route, delays are common. In recent years, late-night robberies (allegedly) by insurgents near Taungoo prompted the government to shift the starting time of the overnight train from Yangon to pass Taungoo just before dark.

In Myanmar Train, the 647km long trip from Yangon to Mandalay route is the only train trip most Myanmar visitor take though there are plenty of other routes for the more adventurous and so late almost by rule talking one 12 hous Myanmar train transport trip that ends up running as much as 15 hours late is enough for most travelers.

Apart from the straightforward Yangon–Bago–Pyinmana–Thazi–Mandalay route, you can also take the poke-along branch line from Pyinmana to Kyaukpadaung (about 31 miles south of Bagan) or the branch from Thazi to Shwenyaung (about 7 miles north of Inle Lake). From Yangon lines also run northwest to Pyay, with a branch to Pathein; from Bago there’s a branch southeast to Kyaiktiyo (the jumping-off point for the Golden Rock) and on to Mottawa, a short ferry ride from Mawlamyine.

An express line now runs between Bagan/Nyaung U and Mandalay (though this was built with forced labour in the mid-1990s). At Mandalay there are three branch lines: one running slightly northwest across the Ava Bridge and up to Ye-U, one directly north to Myitkyina in Kachin State and one northeast through Pyin U Lwin to Lashio in the northern part of Shan State.


For the tourist traveler who is travelling by train around Myanmar and it take time too long but it can useful for limits financial and taste the wonderland trip in Myanmar. Myanmar train routes are the most possible and convenient as per following routes.

From Yangon to Bagan Route

A new daily train service has been introduced between Yangon and Bagan. This service is operated with newer coaches imported recently into the country and can be recommended also to foreign guests with a taste for adventure. The train features second class, upper class (air con) as well as sleeper coaches (air con). Trains leave daily in both directions and the journey takes around 16 hours.

Yangon - Bago - Taungoo - Pyinmana - Thazi - Mandalay Route

Rangoon to Mandalay is 622 km (388 miles). All the trains overnight run daily. The journey is take the time 14 hours pantural. Yangon to Mandalay trains are fast and punctual for travel between these famous cities in Myanmar. The accommodation and restaurant bar are as reasonable as for the tourist.


Yangon Circular Railway

Trains running in a circular route within Yangon Area take about two hours to travel around the city. There are thirty-seven stops en-route, the main ones being Yangon Central Station, Pyay Road, Kyinmyindine, Kamaryut, Thamaing, Insein, Aung San, Mingaladon, Okkalapa, Kanbe, Tarmway and Pazundaung. As the train rolls from station to station passengers have ample apportunity to observe the life of Yangon suburbanites.

Shwe Nyaung-Heho-Aungban

Inle Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar, and it attracts many visitors. The usual base for exploring the lake is Nyaungshwe, at the north end of the lake. One is the famous take the ridding by short train from Shwe Nyaung to Aungban any far the better option, an absolutely amazing scenic ride in Shan State. There is the distance 11 km away from Nyaungshwe go to the junction town of Shwenyaung.

Pyin Oo Lwin-Gokteik Bridge-Kyaukme

The Gokteik Bridge is one of the famous thing take the ridding by train with very beautiful of the scenery. It is structure of steel trestle construction for railway line to Lashio. The construction began in 1901 by an American company known as the Pennsylvania and Maryland Bridge Construction. The Gokteik Bridge was completed in 1913. The length of the bridge is 2260 feet long and 320 feet high above a deep ragged stone rock valley. The bridge was destroyed in the World War II but was repaired later by the Myanma Railway. It is a remarkable construction which is still in good condition and can be considered as a masterpiece. This bridge is a must to cross once you are in Myanmar.

Need & Note

Long-distance Myanmar trains have dining cars accessible to passengers in upper and sleeper class. The food isn't bad fried rice and noodles. Attendants can also take your order and bring food to your seat on Myanmar trains. Myanmar trains stop pretty often too, with vendors on plat-forms offering all sorts of snacks. Toilet/bathrooms on Myanmar train are basic; there are also sinks to wash hands and brush teeth. Attendants sometimes hire out bamboo mats to spread on the floor in aisles or under seats if you can't sleep upright on the Myanmar train transport. North of Mandalay it can get cold at night, so bring a jacket and or a blanket when you travel with Myanmar train transport.

Available Booking & Ticket

To guarantee a seat on most trains with upper and sleeper cars, book three days or more in advance at Myanmar trains stations. At smaller Myanmar train stations agents may get confused by the fact that you want a ticket from them. Let’s must be traveled have to get the idea by train please make the reservation ahead to our LMM company.

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